1. What is GK College? GK College is an esteemed educational institution committed to providing comprehensive and transformative learning experiences. With a diverse range of programs spanning cybersecurity, fine arts, film and video, GK College empowers students to excel in their chosen fields.

2. What programs does GK College offer? GK College offers three dynamic programs: Bachelor of Science in Information Systems (BSIS) - Cybersecurity, Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) - Painting, and Bachelor of Multimedia Arts (BMA) - Film and Video.

3. How long does it take to graduate from GK College's programs? Students at GK College can graduate in as little as three years due to our innovative trimestral setup. Each trimester spans 3.5 months, allowing for an accelerated learning journey.

4. Are the professors experienced in their respective fields? Yes, the professors at GK College are experts in their fields, with real-world experience that enhances the educational journey. Our faculty includes industry practitioners and renowned educators who ensure that students receive a well-rounded education.

5. Can I pursue my passion while studying at GK College? Absolutely. GK College nurtures creativity and supports students in pursuing their passions. Our graduates in fine arts, film, video, and digital arts are already making their mark in their respective industries.

6. What is the tuition fee at GK College? The tuition fee at GK College is affordable, ranging from P25,000 to P35,000 per trimester, making quality education accessible to a wide range of students.

7. Are transfer students accepted? Yes, GK College welcomes transfer students. Previous units from other colleges that align with our program's curriculum can be credited, facilitating a smooth transition into our institution.

8. How is learning conducted at GK College? Learning at GK College is designed to be flexible and modern. Our classes are a combination of online sessions and limited face-to-face interactions, catering to the diverse needs of contemporary learners.

9. Are there international certifications available? Yes, GK College offers international certifications. For example, our BMA-Film and Video program includes the European ICDL for Digital Imaging, providing global recognition to our graduates.

10. Is GK College recognized by the Commission on Higher Education (CHED)? Yes, GK College is CHED-recognized, ensuring that our programs meet the highest educational standards.

11. How do I apply to GK College? To apply to GK College, visit our website and follow the application process outlined for your chosen program. You can also contact our admissions office for assistance.

12. Does GK College offer financial aid or scholarships? GK College is dedicated to providing quality education at an affordable cost. While specific scholarships and financial aid options may vary, we prioritize accessibility and excellence in education.

13. What is ArtPreneurship? ArtPreneurship at GK College is a specialized program that equips art students with business skills to manage their studios, market their art, and establish successful art businesses. This innovative approach aims to empower artists to sustain their passion while thriving in the art industry.

14. Can I apply for ArtPreneurship if I'm not in the fine arts program? ArtPreneurship is primarily designed for fine arts students at GK College. However, some elements of entrepreneurial education may be integrated into other programs to equip students with valuable skills for their respective industries.

15. How can I get more information about GK College? For more information about GK College, our programs, admissions, and other inquiries, visit our official website at www.gkphilippines.com; www.gk-college.com or contact our admissions office at 8-583-3952  / 0916-2921470. Or visit our school at 2F Jemtee Bldg. 677 Boni Mandaluyong City, Philippines. We're here to assist you on your educational journey.