In the realm of artistic expression, the Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) in Painting program at GK College stands as a beacon of creativity, guided by the expertise of Dr. Aladin Antiqueño, a distinguished Fine Arts Educator and Visual Artist Practitioner, both locally and internationally renowned. Under his visionary leadership, along with a team of accomplished professors, GK College's fine arts department transforms budding artists into accomplished maestros of their craft.

Unveiling a Faculty of Excellence: At the helm of the fine arts department is Dr. Aladin Antiqueño, a luminary in the world of Fine Arts. With accolades that extend across borders, he infuses his passion for the arts into every aspect of the program. Surrounding him are other professors, each a luminary in their own right. These multi-awarded educators excel not only in teaching but also in their individual creative journeys, spanning fields from architecture to various artistic endeavors.

Empowering Emerging Artists: Dr. Antiqueño's students, the torchbearers of his legacy, have garnered national acclaim. Their masterpieces have earned them Grand Prizes and top honors in prestigious art competitions. These budding artists are carving their names in the annals of fine arts, embracing their passion as a profession even while in college. The transition from student to practicing fine artist isn't just a dream here – it's a reality.

Masters of Realism: Central to the BFA-Painting program's philosophy is a focus on realism, reminiscent of the techniques mastered by Old Masters. This foundation in realism serves as a springboard, propelling students to explore the nuances of artistic "isms." The methodology is an ode to tradition, where skills are honed to perfection before the artistic journey delves into the avant-garde.

Flexible Learning: Online and Beyond: The BFA-Painting program at GK College reflects the modernity of art itself. Classes are tailored to suit the contemporary artist's lifestyle – a blend of online sessions and limited face-to-face interactions. Special classes are available, accommodating the individual aspirations of every artist.

ArtPreneurship: Bridging Art and Commerce: GK College's commitment to holistic development extends to ensuring that our graduates are not just academically adept but also prepared for life beyond the institution. Our ArtPreneurship program equips art students with the skills to manage their studios, market their art, and establish successful art businesses after graduation. This visionary approach shatters the stereotype of the starving artist, as students learn to transform their passion into viable businesses, guided by professors who are both artists and business people.

Join us at GK College and Paint Your Path to Excellence: Unlock your creative potential, guided by the masters of the craft, and embark on a journey that's both artistically fulfilling and commercially empowering. In the world of fine arts, GK College's BFA-Painting program isn't just a program; it's a brushstroke of brilliance, cultivating artists who redefine the norms and shape the future.

GK College: Where Artistry Meets Enterprise and Creativity Ignites Success.